High Efficiency E-Mobility Solutions

The pace of electrification for all types of vehicles is rapidly accelerating. Depending on the type of vehicle, the application and the electric drive used, the requirements for voltage, power, thermal management, form factor, package, motor control algorithms and power electronics technology vary dramatically. If you do not find the specific expertise for your project in-house or if your internal resources are not available to meet your time schedule, contact I&M. I&M's highly experienced engineering team will help you to identify the best technical and commercial solution for your specific project. I&M can offer you the complete HW and SW solution or only individual components. We listen and discuss together with you the best approach to make your project an outstanding commercial success. Contact and challenge us!

Motor Support
I&M's inverters are designed to drive all types of electric motors including BLDC, PMSM, asynchronous, synchronous reluctance, axial or transversal flux. Full access to motor control parameters and torque mapping. Flexible support of position sensors and interfaces including digital hall sensors, analogue sensors with single-ended or differential outputs, encoders, and digital sensors with serial outputs. Support of motor temperature sensors. In case you do not have access to the detailed technical motor specification, I&M offers to characterize the motor for you on our in-house test bench.

Optimized Motor Algorithms
I&M's motor specialists support your motor project with motor control algorithms optimized for your application including but not limited to Field Oriented Control (FOC), Six Step or Direct Flux. Our algorithms guarantee highest performance and maximum torque under all operating conditions and speeds with Full Field Weakening and Maximum Torque per Ampere (MTPA) support. High energy efficiency due to recuperative braking option.

High Efficiency Power Electronics In All Performance Classes
I&M's is in the unique position to have access to all state of the art semiconductor power technologies from leading semiconductor manufacturers including silicon MOSFETs, IGBTs, GaN FETs, and SiC devices. This allows us always to select the optimum technology for your application - across the entire voltage range from 48V to 800V and from a few kW to hundreds of kW peak power demand. Advanced PWM technology with variable switching frequencies ensure efficient use of battery voltage, minimizes switching losses, motor harmonics and torque ripple.

Complete HW and SW System Solutions
I&M's does not only take care of the HW and SW to control a single motor. Depending on your requirements we can build complete solutions for you. Options I&M has previously integrated for customers with the motor control HW/SW are: dual inverters for electrified axels, vehicle management units, body controller, support of different driving modes, battery surveillance, diagnostic functions, safety strategies or customized package solutions.

Flexible Business Models
I&M understands that speed, reliable technology and cost effectiveness are key when you want to transform your idea to a successful business model. We take pride to support customers of all sizes - from start-ups to globally acting enterprises - in this challenge. Talk to us about your preferred business model. I&M can offer you the complete bandwidth from chip to system for both HW and SW. You define which elements you would like I&M to provide for you. Also the integration of your own, differentiating IP is no problem.

Automotive Quality Manufacturing Option
I&M optionally offers to organize the procurement and manufacturing of your project for you. Based on a long standing, successful relationship with the automotive certified manufacturing partner MTM/BRC, I&M can supply you with prototypes, pre-series and/or series production volumes. I&M and MTM/BRC understand that also for small and mid size volumes, product cost needs to be competitive. Therefore we have specialized to make small (100 sample/year) to mid size (10.000 sample/year) volumes commercially highly attractive.

Single 48V-7kW Integrated Motor Controller Cost efficient, single ECU solution with integrated body functions for L1e-L6e vehicles
Dual 48V-2x26kVA Motor Controller Cost efficient, light weight single ECU solution which drives two motors on one axil.
Dual 400V-2x200kVA Motor Controller Cost efficient, light weight single ECU solution which drives two motors on one axil.
Customized Motor Controller designed according to your requirements.


Telemetry Modules / Gateways

The Sully family of ECUs is designed to enable flexible communication between different systems and/or data logging in various environment, like industrial or automotive. Their high level of customizability, both at HW and SW level, allows to implement exactly the functionalities needed at an optimal cost.

CAN Gateway
Compatible with multiple CAN data rate able to operate as bridge, gateway, or filter, depending on customer needs.

Low Power
Various configuration modes to optimize power consumption.

High-Speed Communication
Fast data transfer enabled by high-speed interfaces like: CAN-FD, Ethernet, LTEcircuit

Global Positioning
Units can be equipped with LTE and GNSS modules.

Suitable for Harsh Environment
Their compact design in addition to IP rating up to 6K9K make them suitable to their adoption even in the harshest environment.

Sully Full-featured telemetry module with LTE and GNSS capabilities.
Sully-Gateway CAN bridge/gateway telemetry module.
Customized Telemetry Modules designed according to your requirements.

HV Safe Working Bench

I&M has acquired a deep expertise in the design and realization of test bench equipment dedicated to high voltage systems (i.e., when voltage is above 60 VDC). I&M offers a complete solution that enables the user to:
  • host high voltage tests (i.e., voltage is above 60 VDC)
  • safely restrict high voltage inside a confined environment,
  • prevent people from being exposed to high voltage injury risks
  • be easily customized on specific requirements
  • adopt simple user interface for safety and test management
I&M's S.Hi.E.El.D. I&M's safe high-voltage environment for electronics development.
Customized Safety Bench designed according to your requirements.