I&M is a private company offering high-tech solutions in
the field of automotive electronic applications



Ideas & Motion S.r.l. is a private company located in Cherasco, nearby a worldwide renowned automotive hub such as Turin, offering high-tech solutions in the field of automotive electronic applications. It has a well-recognized position of excellence on some key areas, stemming from more than 100 years of combined experience on innovative projects and related automotive electronic products.

The core business of Ideas & Motion is to provide engineering services, both on HW and SW domains, to OEM and Tier1 companies in the automotive industry, while also being active as a supplier of Electronic Control Systems in niche applications with low volumes and high technological contents.



The most relevant technological background of Ideas & Motion relies on the design of silicon integrated circuits for the control of electro-actuators, and its further integration in

automotive powertrain applications.

The company focuses its efforts on some very clear goals:

Priority on R&D, with particular respect to the protection and exploitation of IP
Innovation transfer into products with a high technological content and limited production lots
"Fabless" organization featuring the unique access to technologies and test facilities to support the development of advanced automotive systems through its local industrial partner

Main priority on some selected application areas, as a solid
basis for the subsequent expansion on other domains:

Design of integrated circuits and IPs on silicon
(e.g. ASIC, ASSP)

Design, development and manufacture of automotive control systems(e.g. high-tech for niche

Architecture exploration, design, development and manufacture of innovative control systems (e.g.
active safety and electro-mobility)

Technology transfer into other fields relatively close to the automotive (e.g. complexity, quality,
reliability) such as the industrial and bio-medical ones



Ideas & Motion is a reliable partner in the automotive industry. The core team of the company has built a solid reputation with some of the most important players worldwide.

Our partners include: AVL List GmbH, Robert BOSCH, CNH, NXP, General Motors, Infineon Technologies, Magneti Marelli.

The long-lasting experience and know-how in the field of automotive electronics is proven by the impressive amount of patents and publications authored by the core team of Ideas & Motion over the last decades.

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An European network of excellence has been established in order to keep Ideas & Motion at the leading edge.

R&D thus plays an essential role in transferring ideas into products.

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Technology Partners

There is a long-lasting relationship between the core team of Ideas & Motion and some key semiconductor suppliers. Indeed the direct access to state-of-the-art technology in the field of microelectronics is fundamental in the design and development of advanced electronic control systems.

In particular the technical cooperation with INFINEON Technology and NXP Semiconductors covers multi-core microcontrollers, smart drivers, power devices and packaging solutions. As a result the interaction between experts in the field of semiconductors technology and automotive systems design provides an almost unique blend of skills which are necessary to keep the leading edge in the global competition.

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